Monday, January 12, 2015

I was looking through old draft posts

and saw that I forgot to post this. Or maybe I lost my nerve. Anyway here's a chestnut from last September.

Notes from Arden column about the 99-seat conversation/controversy happening in various online forums is thorough, enlightening reading. Of course one thing sticks out at me as being hilarious--
In 2003, Kendt’s view may have had such validity and influence, he actually got what he asked for, though what appears to be around a 50% drop in 99-seat-theater production between 2003 and 2013 is more likely attributable to the real estate bubble, and how it has caused the cost of commercial leases to soar. Much has been written about the shuttering of established Hollywood-based 99-seat companies such as Open Fist and the Celebration theaters, due to rising real estate costs; before that, also in Hollywood, Unknown Theatre lost is lease, as did Theatre des Artistes. Theater closures due to the sharply escalating costs of leases have also affected North Hollywood, and Rogue Machine, mid-city, is concerned for its future.
Although I fled before its demise, I don't think we only have real estate to blame for Unknown's shuttering.

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