Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I was doing some writing

last night in an old legal pad and I found this line I jotted down on a page in the middle of the pad. I guess it's still in search of a play.
It could be like they do in the movies where you say something kind of smart and funny and I say something kind of smart and funny and then you're really mean to me.
Figured I'd post it here so I could throw out the scrap of paper, which also says the following--
Street full of people, a parade
Everyone has cancer

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I was doing so well there

with the posting in July, but I don't know what happened after Outfest ended.

Well, I do know that I went up to Sonoma County to hang out with my friend Tony and his family for a bit. I wrote a play in a few hours that got produced the next day in one of those 24-hour festivals. My show was called "Gladys Kravitz" and was performed at the Raven Theater by three delightful actors and mounted by a very smart director. Of course I took no pictures. I also didn't think of pics when I ran into my friend Marcia at a pancake place in Windsor. We had a great chat, but I'm bummed I didn't get a photo.

I did take a fair amount of pictures of some of the tooling around Sonoma that we did, so here are those.

I was a big fan of Guerneville, and JW seemed to like it too. We went twice in two days.

I was also a fan of this bird, who harassed us not in Bodega Bay but at the Korbel Deli where we had lunch.

I enjoyed seeing some redwoods at Anderson Valley, including Col. Armstrong. It was hot and dry in the forest that day (quoting the droll gay retiree volunteer when we asked him where we should hike, "well you know, it's very hot....") so we didn't stay long. 

Because I was doing a bit of theater we didn't go all out with the wine tour agenda, but here's one of the two places we stopped, Hop Kiln, which I chose for the historic building.

And of course we loved the coastline the best.

But JW doesn't know how to take iPhone pics without getting his finger in the way.