Saturday, July 13, 2013

Holly L. Derr on The Miss Julie Dream Project

L.A.-based writer/director/professor Holly L. Derr just posted some thoughts about our show on her blog today. She mixed it up with Neil LaBute a few months ago in the comments of a critique she wrote about his adaptation of Miss Julie (linked in the quote below). She knows her stuff; I'm so glad she liked our play.

Such nice comments, and great to be paired with my friends over at The Time Machine Musical.
Blending pop culture references with the fever-dream logic that characterized Strindberg’s inferno of a mind, the show delves into sexual politics, desire, and authorship without ever resorting to the dogmatism that characterizes the originals. Rather, Miss Julie and her dreams are effectively removed from the birth-is-destiny philosophy of Naturalism, enabling us to examine them in the context of a modern woman’s life. Turns out, we’re still being objectified and put on pedestals off of which we are bound to fall.
She also has some smart observations about the Fringe in general, as well as Best of Fringe Extensions. Read the rest here.

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