Saturday, March 02, 2013

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take-down of Mark Swed by Amadeus Leopold. Swed reviewed a violin performance he gave a month ago and wrote a dismissive assessment. I didn't see the show so I have no opinion on the content, but I think if I got that review I'd be a little crabby too.

Here's a sample from Swed's review--
During his performance at Royce Hall on Thursday night Leopold also changed outfits as self-consciously as a teenager preparing for a hot date. There was the skirt that showed lots of leanly sculpted leg for Paganini. The leopard-skin tights and large crucifix for, you might say, a cross-dressed Catholicism suited to Messiaen. A "Don't Mess with Texas" T-shirt was slipped on for "I Feel Pretty." As a "Cabaret" Carmen in a tux, he became a he, as a she, as a he.
And here's a sample of Leopold's "open letter"--
I can smell the stench of ignorance from miles away and needn’t your blunt, condescending warnings such as “flamboyant,” “quite cute,” “applying ever more makeup,” and “cross-dressed,” especially ineffective in this case due to the fact that I was wearing all men’s clothes (by Givenchy, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, and the most prominently featured sartorial choice in the show - a classic tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana) and have not worn less makeup in the last 3 years (I’d tell you to look at the photo just above your review, but who knows how blinding your prejudice really is).
It goes on and on. I'd quote more but there's so much to choose from you should just go read the rest for yourself.

And here's a video about Leopold (formerly Hanh-Bin) who is now my new favorite person of all time.

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