Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ty Segall

blew me away opening for Stephen Malkmus in 2011. I only saw the last two songs of his set but they were the best songs of the whole night (and I'm a big Malkmus fan). It was sweet the way Malkmus and his bassist, Joanna Bolme, thanked him during their own set. Bolme started with something like, "Thanks to Ty Segall for coming onstage and shredding," with Malkmus chiming in, "Every night. EVERY. NIGHT."

Thrilled to see him at the El Rey on Saturday, even if I wished there were two fewer opening acts and Segall played a longer set. (Incidentally, my favorite lyric of the evening came from the first opener, Pangea: "We don't hold hands an-ymore / We just give head an-ymore.") Overall the show was a hoot -- all ages, with 14-year-olds in Stooges t-shirts and mad stage-diving and crowd-surfing. Segall played a stunning, blazing set, short and sweet, with the coolest cover of "Feel Like Makin' Love" I've ever heard as an encore. In other words, I'm completely smitten.

Here are some clips.

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