Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Bob and I were in one car, Brandy and the Jennys were in another. Parking was going to be a disaster. We were all trying to get to Coachella in time for Amy Winehouse. She was only a little on my radar at the time thanks to some NPR story I'd heard saying she was about the best thing to come out of South By Southwest that year. I'd heard a snippet of "Rehab" and knew she was all the rage, but I had no idea how crazy Brandy was to see her.

I think Bob predicted it; we'd beat the girls there because he had the better parking pass. I remember running to get to the tent and Bob laughing, saying, "Brandy's going to miss her and she's going to be so pissed!" We got to the backstage area and watched her set from behind; I could see only her skinny frame and her tall rat's nest of hair. The sound was never that great behind the stage but I could hear how deep her voice was. I could hear the response too. People were loving her.

Brandy and the Jennys got there right as she was wrapping up, I think. Brandy was devastated, but as we walked away from the tent, Amy walked right past us, a tiny, wispy mess of a thing. Brandy pointed at her and her eyes went big. Just there for a second and gone.

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