Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My favorite song

from tonight's show at REDCAT, performed last year in New York. Something by Bambi Lake called "Golden Age of Hustlers."

And while I was surfing I found Bond singing "Were You There?" with Taylor Mac. Since we're coming up on Holy Week I thought it appropriate. Enjoy the brilliance. And the nice arms on the cellist.

Excited for

Justin Vivian Bond tonight at REDCAT. In preparation I found a link to a nice new Out Magazine profile on Bond's Twitter feed. Here's my favorite quote--
Tilda Swinton recalls introducing “a longhaired, nail-varnished, impeccable, treacle-voiced Justin,” to her 4-year-old daughter. “My daughter asked me, ‘Is Justin a man or a lady?’ Before I could speak, she answered herself, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter.’ ”
Read the whole thing here.