Monday, June 07, 2010

There's a nice interview

of a playwright named Gregory Moss on Adam Szymkowicz's blog. I particularly like this bit:

Over and above technique, which is teachable and learnable, all you’ve got as a writer is your unique chemistry and point of view. It doesn’t matter if you like it, if you think it’s good or bad, or how it compares to what anyone else is doing – this way of processing the world and putting it into writing is YOURS and you’re stuck with it (or blessed with it). The playwright you are is already decided. So, rather than bemoaning your shortcomings, spend your time working on finding better ways to value, excavate, and generously present, what you’ve already got. Be rigorous, be disciplined, follow through.
I relate to this mostly because I'm occasionally reminding myself that I write better when I just write, and don't write so much in relation to what else is out there.

I do take a slight issue with that line "the playwright you are is already decided," as I am most assuredly not the playwright I was ten years ago, or even two years ago. And thank GOD for that. I do get his point though.

Check the whole thing out here.

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Shauna said...

Thank you for including the quote in your post! So many valid and inspiring points... I am with you on some of us not being the same as we were in the past, but it is a fantastic idea to work with what we've got...