Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I wanna see

Sorry I've been dormant for a while, but I imagine if you read this page regularly you must be used to it by now.

I was out of town for a long weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. She is still going strong and will not put up with your foolishness.

So just to get things up to date, here's a short list of things on the boards I'm curious about. If I get to even a couple of these shows I'll be impressed with myself.

3 Truths, by Naomi Iizuka

The Arsonists, by Max Frisch at the Odyssey

The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl, also at the Odyssey

boom, by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb at Furious Theatre in Pasadena

Chasing Monsters, by Gabriel Rivas Gomez, a Company of Angels show going up at Son of Semele

King Lear at Antaeus

Small Craft Warnings, by Tennessee Williams, somewhere in West Hollywood

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