Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Last night's

Green Umbrella concert at Disney Hall has me obsessing over Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. They performed his Eight Songs for a Mad King, which was the serious highlight of the evening. It sent me to Youtube this morning to see what I could find of it and then I started watching Davies interviews and now I'm in a most pleasing Youtube spiral.

Eight Songs is a wild cycle meant to be semi-staged, with George III in full madness mode throughout. This was very much a concert presentation, but it had all the requisite comedy and thrills of something more elaborate, primarily because of the stunning performance of baritone Thomas Meglioranza. Everyone in the audience lept to their feet after he finished, myself included. Much deserved!

Green Umbrella, I'm so glad you're back! You know how I love you, of course.

Check out this clip of excerpts from an Australian presentation of Eight Songs. There's a grown man in a diaper for much of it, so possibly NSFW.