Thursday, January 07, 2010

This makes me sad

The LATimes reports today on Dragstrip 66 ends taking its final bow this Saturday. It was one of those things in L.A. I kept wanting to do and putting off.
Equally inspired by high fashion and lowbrow art, Dragstrip 66 carved out a niche for those who liked their night life tempo somewhere between a John Waters film, a Bob Mackie fashion show and a drunken punk dance party. It became a who's who of the alternative/queer performance art scene; Jackie Beat, Joey Arias, Varla Jean Merman, Chi Chi LaRue and Jer Ber Jones all graced its stage.


Jackie Beat remembers: "It was also messy and monstrous in a way that plucked and tanned WeHo would never tolerate, so even within the gay community it felt somewhat subversive."


"It was like Stonewall meeting Warhol meeting the Sunset Strip meeting Haight-Ashbury all in the aftermath of an AIDS-plagued decade," says [Scott] Craig, co-owner of Akbar. "We were happy to party. We needed to party."
The article is here.

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