Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh! I saw

Love's Labour's Lost from London's Globe Theatre last weekend! I was going to write about that, wasn't I?

It was decent, although I think I've seen productions by Independent Shakespeare Company that were just as good. I enjoyed it mostly just to hear that fun text with such good diction. There's incredible rhyme, punning and wordplay in this text; it seems to me the play's greatest strength.

The most interesting thing to me about the play is the way the Princess of France is the female lead, but her romantic interest, King Ferdinand, is not the male lead. And how the Princess and her friends have a little fun with the boys, veiling their faces and pretending to be each other, the true male lead, Berowne, mistakes the Princess for his true love, Roseline. And the production seemed to make nothing of this in its performance.

As I was watching the play, I spent a lot of time wondering how I might direct it. I'm certainly no expert on this text, but this is my second time to see it on stage and I just think I might've made that the key to the whole piece. Made more of that moment, given it a bit more mystery, gravity, bewilderment.

I suppose their take was's all fun and games, fart jokes and food fights until the offstage King of France dies and mortality creeps in and whatnot. I just wasn't all that engaged.

Except for when the Spaniard came on. That guy was funny.

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