Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm so bad

at keeping up! I just checked in on our friend K, who takes gorgeous pictures over at Jimson Weed Gazette, and he's publishing a book called East of West L.A. Check out his website here. Congrats K!

I'm linking

to another Adam Szymkowicz interview with a playwright. This one's especially worth reading as it's with Rob Handel, new head of the Carnegie Mellon Dramatic Writing MFA program. Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been mildly obsessed with Beth Ditto and company ever since downloading Gossip's new CD, Music for Men, from itunes. Partly because I can hear the Arkansas in her voice, and partly because their cover of "Are You That Somebody?" on their Live in Liverpool CD reminds me of Houston in 1998 and my school children screaming "AALIYAH!" at the top of their lungs. That song is great, even if it was for the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack.

Since I missed Gossip at the Henry Fonda last night, I headed down to Amoeba this evening to catch Gossip in their in-store performance, having missed them at the Henry Fonda last night. It was chaos around the record store, with some kind of issue at Arclight emptying out the parking garage and several traffic lights seeming to be out on Vine. I almost gave up when I saw a meter and grabbed it.

Once I got in the record store I was told by a mumbly staff member asking me to keep the aisle clear that they were having electrical problems and would be onstage with some kind of acoustic set in about 15-20 minutes. after standing around for about 30 while waiting for things to get going, they took the stage and promptly blew all the electricity save for some emergency lights run by a generator. It was all very sloppy and funny; the night was redeemed, if only for a moment, by Beth Ditto grabbing a megaphone and belting out "What's Love Got to do with It?" Well, she belted all but the chorus, which she let the crowd do for her. It was kind of a sweet moment; things couldn't have gone more wrong, but she did what she could and for the most part we were all happy to clap and sing along.

Here's a clip for you, minus the power outage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FWL in the news

Check out this article in next month's issue of The Dramatist. My friends over at Boston Court gave me a mention. Thanks guys.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


for a new post, so just slapping some things up here.

If you've been in my car on the weekends lately, you've probably noticed this, but I listen to almost nothing but KXLU. In fact, a Saturday or Sunday without Alma Del Barrio wouldn't even feel like the weekend to me. I might drive to work out of habit.

An Education is an absolute delight. And oh, to be an impressionable 16-year-old and have Peter Sarsgaard give my cello and me a ride home in the rain! I wouldn't even care that he's probably crazy. Seeing this kind of movie with JW is doubly fun, because he gets tickled at burbling British women. Emma Thompson and her hair and clothes sent him into near hysterics.

What else what else? Went to Company of Angels' 50th Anniversary Gala last night. Stood in the same room with Leonard Nimoy! No pictures, though. I kept my distance. Was a very nice night, though, and actually a little invigorating with all of the cheering on of local theater and artists.

Oh, and if you like punk rock and/or Hamlet, go check out God Save Gertrude at Boston Court. I don't want to say too much, but it's an interesting ride, and there's a song at the end of the show that's pretty incredible.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

JW and I

sat near actors tonight in our neighborhood sushi restaurant. I know; in these parts that's about the same as saying we sat near people at our neighborhood sushi restaurant, but these actors appeared to be of the working variety.

I know this because the hipster couple at the bar next to us approached them as they were headed out. The exchange between HIPSTER BOY and ACTOR 1 went something like this:
HIPSTER BOY -- Hey, we just wanted to let you know that we REALLY like your show.

ACTOR 1 -- Thanks, thanks a lot.

HIPSTER BOY -- Yeah, you're so funny in it man.

ACTOR 1 -- Hah, thanks. (gesturing to ACTOR 2) Uhm, she's in it too.

HIPSTER BOY -- Oh yeah? Oh great! Well we love it. Cool. Cool.
And with some awkward nodding and backing out of the restaurant, they finally left.

Because JW and I were at the bar, our backs were to the actors. I'm pretty sure I looked at them when I walked in, but I paid them little attention. I had no clue who these people were! It was killing me!

After the hipsters left, ACTOR 1 said to ACTOR 2--
ACTOR 1 -- Just watch. Now EVERYONE in the restaurant is going to stare at us as they walk out!
This seemed pretty rich for one sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with his companion at a table in the front of the restaurant and facing the door. Not necessarily going incognito, am I right? While I was pretty thoroughly eavesdropping at this point, that comment made me determined to ignore the couple when I exited.

JW and I eventually paid our bill and left, my pretense of disregard for these people an apparent success. Still, I was disappointed that I would never know who they were. JW would surely be clueless. He once walked past Tyra Banks on the street without batting an eye, asking me later when I mentioned it to him, "Who's Tyrone Banks?"

As we walked back to the apartment, JW asked me if I recognized them. When I said no he told me they were actors from a certain hot new hour-long musical series of the high school variety.

I was pretty floored. He sees two episodes of a new show while half-asleep and he's able to spot its supporting cast members? Meanwhile I'm completely clueless?

Sometimes I underestimate that man.