Monday, December 15, 2008

I've become

a little obsessed with this guy Brontez (NSFW unless you've got headphones, btw):

I get the sense that Brontez is also a little obsessed with Brontez, but whatever works.

Here he is with his band The Younger Lovers, which I'm not sure is actually a band; I think it's just Brontez (NSFW also, for video, not audio this time).

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I just got back

from seeing Milk, which was a most satisfying experience; it made me feel the need to sit down and update this ol' blog for a change.

I was reminded of my post way back almost 3 years ago about Brokeback Mountain and how frustrated that movie made me. The whole post is here, but I thought I'd quote a little passage that seemed timely in light of Milk's release:

Here's what I would like to find in the next gay movie I see.

1. A gay character navigating an existence in a culture that is not a dire threat to his or her life or well-being.

2. A gay character navigating an existence in a culture that is not exclusively gay with all of its homo-cliches.

3. A gay character engaging in a relationship in said culture that is not threatened by his or her own self-hatred, his or her desire or obligation to maintain a straight relationship that the dominant culture does not threaten, or his or her sexual conflicts or ambiguity.

4. A handful of characters for which gender identity is neither a preoccupation nor an exaggeration.
I am happy to say that Milk has three of those four qualities! And I'm giving it a pass on #1, because, well, it is history. But also because it manages not to be so bogged down with foreboding and tragedy as one might've expected. Even as the film opens with Harvey narrating into a cassette recorder for a tape to be played in the event of his assassination, it's still so full of life and joy. The romance and flirtatiousness and excitement of this history ripples all the way through the film.

I also loved that it had gay actors playing straight roles and vice versa. And I loved the stock footage throughout. And I loved Emile Hirsch and James Franco. And I loved the cheesy Tosca performance, even though the Tosca pay-off was a bit much. All in all, my kinda gay Hollywood movie. I just wish Van Sant had sent screeners to No on 8's leadership way back in June.