Friday, September 28, 2007

Marshall Neilan

Come see me play a famous drunken movie director at West Adams Heritage Association's Living History Tour at Angelus Rosedale Cemetary. A link to details is here.

I'm playing Marshall Neilan, Mary Pickford's favorite director, who was apparently legendary with the ladies. I practiced my presentation last night with a high ball glass full of ice, to give me a little prop to work with.

I'm rocking a hot costume too; here's hoping for good pictures. I'm even shaving for it. We'll see if I keep things that way.


Danny said...

What?? I read your blog all the time AND I was the first tour guide at Rosedale this morning. That was you? Your Marshall Neilan was perfect—just the right amount of charm, self-delusion, and sleaze! Fantastic. I read an article about him from the 50s in which he said he was working on his autobiography to be called "I Burned My Bridges" but I guess he died before completing it. I expected womanizer Neilan to leave his grave and go cruise that vamp Louise Glaum at the next site.

-K- said...

Strange - I read FWL all the time too and I was also at Rosedale. Technically, I wasn't part of the tour, I was there to give a ride to a friend who was part of the hearse brigade, but nonetheless I was there & took plenty of pictures.

By the time I got there, tho, you had left.

Kyle T. Wilson said...

Thanks, Danny! I had a lot of fun with it. You were a tour guide? Wow, did we chat at all later? I've checked out your blog, also; too bad we didn't make the connection!

Sorry I missed you K!

Just as an aside, when people from WAHA mentioned the "hearse" crowd, I kept thinking they were saying "Hearst," and thinking we'd have Hearsts on the tour! It got me all excited that I'd get to meet Patty!