Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update on tickets for Walking Into Traffic

Now you can get all your tickets for the first two weekends of the show (8/24-26 and 8/30-9/2) at 10 bucks a pop! All you do is go to this website and choose the performance you'd like to attend and the number of tickets you'd like. When you fill out your payment information, you'll see a drop-down menu on a field that asks you how you heard about the show. If you choose "BOOMBOX," your card will only be charged for 10 bucks for each ticket you buy. How's that for a bargain?! Cheaper than a movie most places.

Oh, and when you click on the link above, see that guy in the right hand corner of the page? That's Bart! Go Bart go!


Adam said...

break a leg!! I hope it goes really well. I'm sorry I'll miss it!

frank's wild lunch said...

Me too. Thanks Adam!