Friday, August 03, 2007

More on Blake and Duncan

I find this LATimes article a little creepy and my "let them rest!" instinct is starting to set in. Still, they continue to fascinate and my obsession persists, in spite of feeling a little guilty about it.

UPDATE: Clark at Clarkblog points the way to the LAWeekly's story, which seems more thoughtful and thorough. Thanks Clark; I'm still making my way though it, but the link's here.


meg said...

How come the obsession? I'm pretty over all the coverage, but I was pretty over them when they were alive too.

Somewhere somebody is already pitching the movie version of their lives. And when it comes out, I will rush to avoid it.

frank's wild lunch said...

Oh I dunno, maybe it's because I didn't really know much about them until all this. I know I read Wit of the Staircase at least a couple of times, but I certainly didn't have it bookmarked, and I own SEA CHANGE and PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, but didn't really make the connections.

I'm also a sucker for rock-n-roll tragedy. Granted, these two aren't exactly rock-n-roll, but they're in the ballpark.