Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A few things

Rehearsals are going swimmingly. I'm still rewriting -- mostly in the 2nd half, as you do -- but I think it'll all fall into place. I THINK. Aside from that I'm laughing a lot in rehearsals. Not at my own jokes, I promise. I just have really funny actors! Overall, things have been really enjoyable, and they get more so every day. Stressful, intense, challenging, but in the best possible ways.

As for titles, I'm starting to settle on STAY AWAKE! A Manifesto. I like that. Do you? It'll look good on a postcard, no? And for sleepy audience members maybe it'll be kind of threatening!

Oh, and unrelated, but the flirtatious yet mildly constipated Erik at My Year of New Things is in rare form today. Check him out here.


Erik said...

Thank you for sending people my way, Kyle! Now go see Superbad. I don't care that it hasn't opened yet. Just go see it. Seriously. So many funny penis jokes.

frank's wild lunch said...

Good to hear, and I can't wait to see it! I'll leave work right now and find a pirated copy of it out on the street downtown or something.