Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A better synopsis

Here's my new-and-improved synopsis for Walking Into Traffic:

If you thought you were tired of hearing nothing but bad news on the radio during your morning commute, you should try reading the stuff. Such is the plight of Sophie Snyder, KCMA's top news person in Los Angeles. Today she finally cracks, quits her job, and hits the streets to make some news of her own. Bart Barton, a sleepy sad sack who still lives with his mother, is the only one who hears her, and he hits the streets himself to dry her tears. With the help of a teenage rebel and an aging mother, Sophie and Bart dazzle papparazzi, dodge traffic, and duke it out with the Department of Homeland Security in a hilarious dash to steal just a glimpse of an ideal world.

This fast-paced, mad-cap comedy with big characters and an even bigger heart, features Unknown Theater ensemble members Ed Dyer, Todd Gallahan, Sasha Harris, Kyle Ingleman, Shelby Janes, Craig Johnson, Joe Nicchi, and Goreti da Silva. Artistic Director Chris Covics, recently named one of the top ten artists to watch in Los Angeles by L.A. Stage Magazine, directs and provides another uplifting design.
Check the link above to see how cool our postcard's gonna look!

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