Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preview Weekend

went well. The show started strong and got stronger every night. Our audiences laughed a lot too, which was heartening. We officially open Thursday, so get your tickets. You can still get them for $10 at www.unknowntheater.com through this weekend. Just select BOOMBOX when it asks "How did you hear about us?"

Oh, and we're at LATimes in their Calendar Live section! Check it out!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Walking Into Traffic opens tonight!

We're technically calling it a preview, but it is our first performance and all, so there you go. We were at the theater pretty late last night getting things ready. This morning I think I broke a couple of ribs when I sneezed, so I think that's a good sign for tonight.

If anyone has any interest in the show this weekend, we could really use an audience on Saturday. I want my cast to have people to laugh at them because they're really funny! Get your tickets here. And don't forget to pick BOOMBOX in the "How did you hear about us?" section to get the tickets for 10 bucks.

See you this weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Burnin Up!

Apparently Micky's in WeHo burned a little yesterday, but can anyone tell me about the burning SUV in front of the Ford Amphitheatre during evening rush hour?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Some guy in his 20s

asked me if I knew what Facebook was yesterday. It made me feel old.

LATimes article on L.A. theater

LATimes theater critic Charles McNulty suggests in this article that the L.A. theater scene lacks a solid base of visionary directors. He ends the story by listing a few of the city's more well-known and successful directors, but he doesn't mention the director of Walking Into Traffic, Chris Covics, who was recently named one of 10 "Artists to Watch" in L.A. Stage magazine. I think he's doing a lovely job.

Okay, so what if this was a plug for my show masquerading as a post about local theater. Come see my show!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A better synopsis

Here's my new-and-improved synopsis for Walking Into Traffic:

If you thought you were tired of hearing nothing but bad news on the radio during your morning commute, you should try reading the stuff. Such is the plight of Sophie Snyder, KCMA's top news person in Los Angeles. Today she finally cracks, quits her job, and hits the streets to make some news of her own. Bart Barton, a sleepy sad sack who still lives with his mother, is the only one who hears her, and he hits the streets himself to dry her tears. With the help of a teenage rebel and an aging mother, Sophie and Bart dazzle papparazzi, dodge traffic, and duke it out with the Department of Homeland Security in a hilarious dash to steal just a glimpse of an ideal world.

This fast-paced, mad-cap comedy with big characters and an even bigger heart, features Unknown Theater ensemble members Ed Dyer, Todd Gallahan, Sasha Harris, Kyle Ingleman, Shelby Janes, Craig Johnson, Joe Nicchi, and Goreti da Silva. Artistic Director Chris Covics, recently named one of the top ten artists to watch in Los Angeles by L.A. Stage Magazine, directs and provides another uplifting design.
Check the link above to see how cool our postcard's gonna look!

Friday, August 10, 2007

What can I say? I'm a joiner.

Sheila had some fun describing her plays as people, and others gave it a try as well.

Here's my crack at it.

The Day Clinton Fessed Up
The really ambitious guy in my poly sci class who orders all his clothes from the Brooks Brothers catalog and makes me a little nervous.

War and Jim
The stiff, buttoned-up, awkward, quiet type who turns into the belle-of-the-ball after a couple of cocktails.

Country Girls
The girl I got stoned with on Saturday night, then sat beside at church on Sunday morning.

The Rendezvous
The resident tenured gay lothario in the Humanities building.

Toils and Snares
My soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend.

Customary Monsters
The resident tenured straight lothario in the Humanities building.

Walking Into Traffic
The guy I always wanted but never thought I deserved.

That was fun, guys! Thanks!

The LOGO Democratic Presidential Debate

In a slight break from the "All-Play-All-The-Time" coverage here on FWL, I wanted to turn to current events a bit and report on the The LOGO presidential debate. I don't usually link to Joe.My.God. since I figure everyone reads him already, but for you five people who don't, a link to his liveblog of the debate is here.

I was unable to watch it last night, but this morning, while listening to the recap on NPR I was trash-talking at the radio. JW let me pipe down before he chimed in:

JW: Sounds like nobody asked the most important question for our people.

KW: And what would that be?

JW: Where should we go in West Hollywood now that The Abbey sucks?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here's a more detailed synopsis for Walking Into Traffic

Bart Barton, a man who has slept through most of his life, has finally woken up, thanks to the sound of a woman crying on the radio. That woman is one Sophie Snyder, a newscaster who just can't take reading all that bad news a moment longer. She sets out on foot to try and change things for the better, and along the way she comes across a potentially bi-curious revolutionary named Rock, a young runaway who is eager to be her liason with the press. Meanwhile, Bart has taken to the streets himself in search for her, enduring a pickpocketing from an insightful vagrant and a bad cellphone connection with his nagging mother in order to find the woman who will help him stay awake. In the course of one hot summer day in Los Angeles, Bart and Sophie will learn what it takes to change the world and themselves...if they don't wind up in Gitmo first.
How's that working for you? Does it make you want to buy tickets on one of the first two weekends at a discounted rate? Did you figure out by looking at one of the posts directly below this one? Do you need further assistance? Email me if you do! I want YOU to see my show!

Walking Into Traffic synopsis

I forgot that I actually did write a synopsis for this play months ago, so I pulled it out of an old email and cleaned it up just a bit.
Sleepy office drone Bart Barton wakes up just long enough to hear radio newscaster Sophie Snyder break down in tears on the air. Both of them get fed up and set out on foot to change the world…but who the hell walks in Los Angeles?
Whaddya think? Does that make you want to buy your discounted tickets at the link in the post directly below this one? Hmmm?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update on tickets for Walking Into Traffic

Now you can get all your tickets for the first two weekends of the show (8/24-26 and 8/30-9/2) at 10 bucks a pop! All you do is go to this website and choose the performance you'd like to attend and the number of tickets you'd like. When you fill out your payment information, you'll see a drop-down menu on a field that asks you how you heard about the show. If you choose "BOOMBOX," your card will only be charged for 10 bucks for each ticket you buy. How's that for a bargain?! Cheaper than a movie most places.

Oh, and when you click on the link above, see that guy in the right hand corner of the page? That's Bart! Go Bart go!

Buy tickets to my play online!

Check out Unknown Theater's website here to buy tickets to Walking Into Traffic. Tickets are only 18 bucks online (unless you buy for the first two weekends and select BOOMBOX in the "how did you hear about us" menu, then they're 10 bucks). The price will be higher by phone or at the door.

Walking Into Traffic at Unknown Theater!

Have I done a good job of pushing my play on these pages? I dunno. But the deluge starts today. Hopefully the website for buying tickets will be up soon and you'll be able to buy your very own ticket to see this world premiere comedy at a hotshot L.A. theater! I'll give the link as soon as it's set to go so you can all buy tickets for you and all your friends to see my new play -- multiple times, even -- but for now I'll start with general info, so you can begin planning your schedules around a performance.

Walking Into Traffic
A world premiere comedy by Kyle T. Wilson
August 24-October 13
Unknown Theater in Hollywood

Unknown Theater is located at 1110 Seward Street, three blocks East of Highland, 50 feet north of Santa Monica Boulevard.
This show's gone up so fast I haven't even had time to write a synopsis yet. Look for that in upcoming posts. Along with discount information for online ticket orders! Go Bart and Sophie!

Friday, August 03, 2007

More on Blake and Duncan

I find this LATimes article a little creepy and my "let them rest!" instinct is starting to set in. Still, they continue to fascinate and my obsession persists, in spite of feeling a little guilty about it.

UPDATE: Clark at Clarkblog points the way to the LAWeekly's story, which seems more thoughtful and thorough. Thanks Clark; I'm still making my way though it, but the link's here.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My response

to the Scott Walters regionalism debate currently raging in the theater blogosphere.

I'm a southerner, y'all. I'm from Arkansas. I live in Los Angeles now, though. Sometimes I get irritated when people make fun of my accent, either to my face or when I see them do it in a movie or something. Sometimes I also get irritated when people act like my accent is all cute and charming like it's some kinda novelty or something stupid like that. Oh, but then sometimes, I also thicken my accent up for laughs. That can be fun, too.

I'm not black or from Iowa, but those people can get a bad rap sometimes, too. And that's not fair.

This next part is unrelated to black people, Iowa, my southernity or the conversation, but I'm bringing it up anyway because I think it's related: I'm gay. That can also get me laughs. Being gay gets Judd Apatow laughs too. Not him being gay, mind you, but the suggestion that his characters might be, but I think that's just because he's into the whole "overgrown manchild" character type or something. Is that a bad thing? I dunno. Maybe. I still think his movies are funny, but I figure he could think about that a little for his next flick.

So anyway, I kinda get it. Even if I don't feel up to all the cyberbluster lately and would rather talk about pop music and traffic and stuff.

Speaking of, my new play is now called Walking Into Traffic. I kinda like that one.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Last Five Years

Don't worry, this isn't a nostalgia post (or much of one, anyway). I just liked the theater reference as a title, even if I've never seen that show.

I was goofing on CMU's west coast alumni website and I found this picture.

I don't know who took it, as there's no name on the website, but thanks, whoever you were!

That's my friend Matt on the left (hope you don't mind my posting your pic, Brownie), and that's me on the right, minus at least 15 pounds, but never mind. I can't believe I was wearing that stupid shirt; I swear I either bought it my senior year in high school or my freshman year of college. I must've paid somewhere around 7-10 bucks at an Arkansas Wal-Mart for that rag. I doubt there was a natural fiber in that thing. I loved that shirt, though. Dunno why.

This was at the new alumni picnic in L.A. in 2002. We had a fun week out here before we returned to Pittsburgh to pack up our apartments and say good-bye to grad school. The trip did a lot to make Angelenos out of two of my classmates and me, all of whom were set on being future New Yorkers. Of course Brownie abandoned me last year and now lives in Brooklyn, but I try not to dwell on that. Tony's gone too; now there are just three of us playwrights left. Thank goodness for weddings and my writer's group or I'd never see them!

Five years ago! Hard to believe. Just look; there's not a trace of cynicism to be found on that pasty little face of mine! So green! So optimistic! So skinny!

A few things

Rehearsals are going swimmingly. I'm still rewriting -- mostly in the 2nd half, as you do -- but I think it'll all fall into place. I THINK. Aside from that I'm laughing a lot in rehearsals. Not at my own jokes, I promise. I just have really funny actors! Overall, things have been really enjoyable, and they get more so every day. Stressful, intense, challenging, but in the best possible ways.

As for titles, I'm starting to settle on STAY AWAKE! A Manifesto. I like that. Do you? It'll look good on a postcard, no? And for sleepy audience members maybe it'll be kind of threatening!

Oh, and unrelated, but the flirtatious yet mildly constipated Erik at My Year of New Things is in rare form today. Check him out here.