Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm desperate

for a new post. Don't think I'm not aware of this.

I had a big cappuccino at around 4:30pm and a double-shot of espresso at around 7pm. I think I'll get to bed sometime early tomorrow morning if I'm lucky. The good news is I made a little headway on the screenplay I've been picking at like a scab for the past few months.

I think I might've figured out how to finish the screenplay I abandoned like an unwanted child last year, which was a nice feeling. Although I refuse to do real work on it until I get a first draft of the scabby one I mentioned above.

The new screenplay that I pledged to write this month with Script Frenzy will most certainly not be written this month. I was hoping to start it after scabby, but now that the unwanted child has tracked me down, it'll have to wait until I make things right with her.

Lest you think I'm only writing screenplays lately, I'm hearing my new play for the first time tomorrow. I finished the first draft of this on New Year's Day and have done a few touch-ups since, but I've yet to do a serious rewrite, so I think it'll be nice to hear it and see what needs to be done. I'd invite you all to come, but it's rather informal and a little rough right now, besides. I like it though. I'll keep you posted.

What else? Oh...Customary Monsters was a semi-finalist for the Princess Grace this year. The rejection letter's up on my fridge as we speak!


-K- said...

I don't know why but after reading your post I thought of "Personism" by Frank O'Hara. I googled it and in literally five seconds I was reading an excerpt of it. Pretty amazing. And what a vibrant piece of writing, after all these years.

frank's wild lunch said...

Yeah, it's great. I re-read it yesterday after seeing your comment. Love his metaphor for technique in writing: "if you’re going to buy a pair of pants you want them to be tight enough so everyone will want to go to bed with you."

I love his line about writing a poem for the blond he'd fallen in love with, too: "While I was writing it I was realizing that if I wanted to I could use the telephone instead of writing the poem, and so Personism was born." It makes that photo on the cover of LeSeur's DIGRESSIONS ON SOME POEMS BY FRANK O'HARA so perfect, doesn't it?