Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Christopher Gaines pleads guilty to Scotty Joe Weaver's murder

Thanks to another anonymous commenter, I got the update that Gaines has pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Robert Porter and Nicole Kelsay have pled not guilty and will go to trial later this year. Here's an up-to-date article about the trial.

In case you're looking, I've written about the case previously here and here.

This most recent Anonymous comment is quite moving; I thought I'd reprint it here. Hope you don't mind, Anon. Thanks again.

I live in the town were Scotty lived. I didn't have the privilege of knowing him, but I do remember seeing him about a week or so before his murder. My husband and I had gone out one weekend night and keeping with tradition around here, we stopped at Waffle House before going home. Scotty just happened to be working that night. Some guys were giving him a hard time and he was trying to be so nice. For some reason, he kind of stuck in my head. When I saw on the news what happened, I felt so sad, like I had lost a friend as well. His death touched alot of people around here. I hate that it took his death for some of us to finally get to know him.


Zacki said...

light of a very serious subject, but at a glance, that headline reminded me of that atrocious Garth Brooks abomination: Chris Gaines... Fictional rock characters created by Country music stars are never a good idea.

frank's wild lunch said...

Funny you should mention...I was reminded of that when I was googling for AP updates. You have to do a pretty specific google search to avoid that weird bit of pop history.