Thursday, April 19, 2007

My night of TV

I'm housesitting again, which means I have access to serious cable and DVR until Saturday morning. Last night was the first night I spent the whole evening channel-surfing. JW helped, when he wasn't falling asleep; we've learned that he does not care for reality TV. Some observations:

Did you see that Blake guy fixing LaKisha's eye make-up on American Idol last night? I know this question has been asked before, but is everyone on that show gay?

After watching the AbFab episode on DVR where Patsy and Edina try to have an orgy, I have reaffirmed my feeling that, while I love that show, small doses are better. Trying to move onto the episode about the door handle didn't meet with much success.

The New Adventures of Old Christine (also a DVR choice) is mainly watchable because of its great cast. I almost turned on an episode during a shameless extended bit of Home Depot product-placement. It was so over-the-top I thought the writers were making fun of the need for the endorsement. Except it wasn't really that funny. Still, how can you not love those three actors?

The ending of Sandra Bernhard's film adaptation of her one-woman-show, Without You I'm Nothing, makes absolutely no sense and is completely unsatisfying when edited for airing on Logo.

America's Next Top Model is...well...I just...I have no words....

Alright, that's about it. Perhaps tonight I'll catch up on some home improvement shows or watch a marathon of that new classic of historical drama, The Tudors! I can't wait to get signed up for cable and DVR! It's gonna be SO worth the 50 bucks a month!

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