Monday, April 02, 2007

My L.A. weekend

Okay, so every weekend's an L.A. weekend, unless I'm out of town, but this weekend was particularly L.A. Not just "I live in L.A." L.A., but "I live in the most bizarre, incendiary, amusing city in the world." And I haven't been to a lot of cities in the world, but how can you not agree?

Of course it all started with the fire in the Hollywood Hills, which, as you may know, was quite the diversion Friday afternoon. Smoke, reports from security, you name it. It also became a spectacular excuse to leave work early and take the long way to WeHo for drinks and dinner with JW before the TV on the Radio concert at the Henry Fonda. Denny's at the Gower Gulch with Ernessa and Christian topped the evening off nicely. And the towel guy at the Fonda sells GREAT ear plugs.

was all about my taking up Ben Brantley's challenge to read Play it as it Lays in one sitting. And if you're going to spend an afternoon inside reading, I can't think of a more Hollywood way to do so. Unless you're reading Bob Evans, perhaps. I didn't quite read Didion's book in one sitting, but the only reason I stopped was because I was enjoying it so much I wasn't quite ready to finish yet.

I waited in the car after dropping off JW outside La Brea Bakery so he could pick up a couple of things. My oblivious bf walked past someone who gave off "I may be dressed down, but I still look fierce, bitches!" vibes. I was far enough away that I wasn't sure, but when I saw a man make eye-contact with her and immediately look away, I KNEW my suspicions were correct. EVEN BETTER, his friend turned to him and, with a shocked look on his face, mouthed "TYRA BANKS?!"

Excerpt of my relating the above story to JW when he returned to the car:

ME: Did you realize you walked right past Tyra Banks on your way into La Brea Bakery?

JW: Who's Tyra Banks?

My L.A. weekend ended on a poignant note when, on the drive up Vine to get to the 101, I passed a sad-faced man in a Charlie Chaplain costume waiting for the bus. And with that, the gods lifted the Robert Altman lenses from my eyes, and everything seems to have returned to its typical, flourescent-lit normalcy. It's just another workaday Monday in the City of Dreams, my friends.

Maybe this week my L.A. weekend will start early. I'm taking my first ever yoga class! Wish me luck!

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Kevin Brannon said...

Just what makes Iago evil? Can you tell me that, gurl?

Can't wait to chat abotu PIAIL. Sunday phone call!