Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saw Zodiac

last night. And let me tell you how happy I am that Robert Downey, Jr. is working again. He's a joy to watch. I want to go back and watch all his movies, starting with the brat pack ones, just to see him all over again. I think the coked-up performances must be great fun, too, even if they're trainwrecky.

Can you believe I didn't start this post talking about how much I adore Mark Ruffalo? I can't. Well I still do, and he's wonderful. He's a combination of Brando and Columbo, I think. Most impressive. Plus he just looks great with the thick curly hair and the 70s costumes. Love him!

And it's nice to see Ione Skye in something! Keep an eye out for her, Say Anything fans. Her scene's kind of awful, though; I was sitting there thinking, "Oh no! What's gonna happen to Ione Skye?"

I was a little nervous going into Zodiac, but with that cast there was no way I wasn't going to see it. Don't listen to the nay-sayers; it doesn't feel too long and it's involving throughout. Looks great, well-acted, etc. Was the script perfect? Nah. Were there hiccups? A few. Still, it's smart and involving.

Oh, and we just happened to see it at the Arclight the same night as the opening of Chris Rock's new movie. Got to see Steve Bucemi and Seymour Cassel in the lobby! Didn't see Rock, although I was trying not to look too obvious as I scanned the crowds.


Mark said...

Ione Skye is in that movie? I didn't' even catch it. Which character is she?

frank's wild lunch said...

Okay, I had a little trouble finding it on IMDB, but I just confirmed it on Rotten Tomatoes. She plays the pregnant mother.

h.fitz said...

Saw Zodiac. Script is flawed. I agree, the cast was great.

-K- said...

I remember Ione Skye from "River's Edge", a movie I wouldn't mind seeing again. The story might be a little shaky but the Crispin Glover and Dennis Hopper characters were just great.

p.alan said...

Even though I would bet he died long ago, the fact that the killer was never apprehended creeps me to the core.

But I will see it for the sake of Downey, for sure. Brilliant actor.