Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LACMA in the NYTimes and LATimes

Or Lacma, as journalist Edward Wyatt types it. We do pronounce it that way, but sorry, it just looks weird. The article is here.

There's a nice quote by new director Michael Govan that I like so much I thought I'd post it here:
“The thing about California is that it does have less of a sense of history and precedent,” Mr. Govan said. “So a new idea isn’t immediately measured against all the other examples of the way things are done. It’s taken as an idea in general. And I think if you talk to artists here, that openness is very present.”
I think you'd find that if you talked to a lot of the theater artists out here, too.

Incidentally, there's also a LACMA article worth noting in the LATimes; check out the image of the proposed Jeff Koons sculpture. It's not exactly Uberorgan, but we'll leave that one to the Getty, I suppose.

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