Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mahagonny and Unnatural Acts of Opera

In honor of JW's and my attendance of the LA Opera's production of The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, starring Patti LuPone and my Audra McDonald (which has been getting all kinds of attention, even in the Wall Street Journal and from Alex Ross in the New Yorker), I'm posting a link to Queer Opera Zine Parterre Box, and frankly, I'm surprised I never have before. Parterre's La Cieca posts the promotional trailer (they have those?) for the production here.

Parterre is one of those things that makes me happy by its very existence, even if its opera musings are so inside I only occasionally know what they're talking about.

As an added, unrelated bonus, check one of my recent favorite posts here. It's too sweet for words.

I'll try to give a recap of the show tomorrow. It's Brecht/Weil, so I'm bound to be satisfied, even if the reviews have been mixed. Hey, as long as Alan Rich is cheering for it (here, and here -- scroll down on this one), I'm not too concerned.

And my Audra's getting raves all around as Jenny, so I seriously can't wait for her!


Zacki said...

Poor thing....I felt like they butchered it sadly. I've been wondering when you were gonna get yourself over there to check it out! Although, your Audra does one hell of a good job, she was one sexy singin' machine. (Patti lupone annoyed me to no end in this production..."she's 4...I repeat 4 voices in one!...she even shoots salad! Act now, we're waiting to take your call!") I always love a good Brecht Weill collaboration, but this one was a bust. Can't wait to read your take on it.

frank's wild lunch said...

Thanks dear, I meant to write that thing up today, but I didn't want to upstage my plug of the 24-hour thingy. I'll post on Monday about it.