Tuesday, December 26, 2006

writer-director Joey Lauren Adams

Fellow Arkansas native Joey Lauren Adams wrote and directed a movie called Come Early Morning and Dad and I ran up to Little Rock to check it out. It's a fine addition to the Arkansas movie canon (I'm not actually sure what's in that canon, except Sling Blade and One False Move, but those are fine movies, too), and if it's showing anywhere near you, I recommend it, not only because it's a good Arkansas movie, but because we need Ashley Judd to be in movies that aren't lame. I love Ashley Judd and I'll even watch her in lame movies because she's so precious and fun to watch, but it's a real treat to see her do such a nice job in a little Arkansas movie.

I think Adams might've found her calling. As intimate, small-town, character indies go, this one's pretty sharp. The script is solid, the performances are strong, it looks attractive and authentic. She got a good cast, too -- Tim Blake Nelson, Diane Ladd, and let's not forget the lovely Ashley Judd....

Keep making movies, Joey! And set them in Arkansas if you want...it's nice to see home up on the big screen. And keep casting Ashley Judd! We love her!

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