Sunday, December 10, 2006

When I left the movie theater

as the credits were rolling on Borat this afternoon, I went to the men's room at the Los Feliz 3, which is undergoing some renovations so all the urinals have been removed from the walls. I walked to the last stall and pushed the door open to find a man sitting on the toilet, pants down, casually leafing through what I'd assumed was one of the free magazines he'd picked up out in the lobby. He just as casually looked up at me just before I said, "sorry," quickly averted eye-contact and pulled the stall door closed. A few seconds later, as I was zipping up and flushing, the guy sneezed loudly and said "excuse me," as if to somehow assert his civility from behind the unlatchable stall door and his copy of the new Learning Annex listings. I washed my hands in a rush and charged out the bathroom door, a little spooked by the bizarre, and yet, after that movie, so appropriate.


meg said...

But what we all want to know is: pro-Borat or anti-Borat?

frank's wild lunch said...

Aww, that's sweet. I almost felt a little silly posting a critique of a movie like that. I mean, everybody's seen it, right? Everybody loves it, right?

Well, to answer you question, I'd have to say I'm definitely pro-Borat, with a few minor reservations. As satires go, it's not quite as edgy as I thought it was going to be, or wanted it to be. And watching Borat walk into rooms full of strangers and make an ass of himself gets a little repetitive after a while. And then there's this screamingly funny sequence about halfway through the movie, after which Cohen can basically do no wrong.

Cohen is pretty great at what he does, and not just the obvious things (getting rudely honest stuff out of people and generally making an ass out of himself in public), but the way he walks into situations with complete strangers and improvises his way through necessary plot points. Maybe editing made that look a lot easier than it was, but I was most impressed at his focus in that regard.

So yeah, it's definitely a worthy 90 minutes in the theater, and a lot of fun with a lively audience laughing along with you. Especially that one sequence. I can't remember laughing that hard in a movie.

Anonymous said...


nothing can beat that. you laughed harder?


Gabriel said...

Oh wow. I was expecting a review, but this anecdote does sum up the feeling watching Borat leaves.