Friday, September 29, 2006

Sonic Youth at the Wiltern

Well, no run-ins with the band last night, but my friend Matt and I did see Steven Soderbergh.

The set list was exclusively from three albums: Rather Ripped, of course (every song but "Sleeping Around," which is too bad, because I love that song), Confusion Is Sex, of all things ("World Looks Red" and "Shaking Hell"), and Daydream Nation ("Candle," "Eric's Trip," and "Teen Age Riot," THANK YOU!).

I spent the whole concert putting in my earplugs and taking them out, which is what I tend to do nowadays at concerts. Every time they did a Daydream Nation song, I thought to myself, "screw my hearing!"

This is my fourth SY concert, and it was a nice bit of symmetry to end the first encore with "Teen Age Riot," since it was the first song they played the first time I saw them in concert, back in 1995 at the New Daisy in Memphis. I got a little sentimental.

Kim looked stunning in her 80s retro shiny gold belted mini-dress, and at the end of the main set, Thurston and Lee did a little feedbacky guitar tango followed by some full-on fret frottage (how's that for alliteration, Isherwood??) HOT.



meg said...

Kyle, you gotta drop the ten-spot and get yourself a good pair of concert earplugs. Etymotic has great ones that let the good sound through and keep the bad sound out -- no muffled thump-thump.

frank's wild lunch said...

Hmm, interesting. I've been buying the cheapies in drugstores. I had those orange conical shaped ones last night, which worked pretty well, but I just took them out on occasion because I do like it loud.... Where do you get concert earplugs?

-K- said...

But did they pass out earplugs as Disney did when Glenn Branca played at the concert hall? (I think not.)

(An unforgettable experience.)

But please take note - there will be a 80th birthday party for Frank O'Hara in San Francisco on November 17. Jointly present by The Poetry Center ( and S.F. Cinematheque. "Rare footage of the poet" and "The Last Clean Shirt", Frank's collaboration with Alfred Leslie.

As we know, Frank's real birthday was in March but 'what the hell' is, I guess, their attitude.

Now I'm going to pass this info on to the nearly moribund Frank O'

frank's wild lunch said...

Thanks K! I'm going to try to figure out how I can do this.