Monday, November 14, 2005

Thoughts on The Squid and the Whale

Just when I think I can't adore Laura Linney any more than I already do!

JW and I were driving home from the movie and he said, "She's not as pretty in this one as she usually is."

(Laura, forgive him, for he knows not what he says.)

I responded, first with a horrified gasp, and then with an exclamation. "SHE. IS. RADIANT."

In JW's defense, he was referring to her general lack of glamour in the film, and he does have a point. She's missing the hot blue eye shadow of Mystic River and she's not nearly so dolled-up and badass as she was on the cover of Los Angeles magazine all those months ago. But my Laura needs no adornment to convince me of her radiance.

Plus, I love it that her character is getting it on with her son's tennis coach. Even if it is skeezy William Baldwin.

In short, I love love loved this movie. That's about all there is to it. Go see it.

Another funny JW/KW exchange:

JW: So what's the deal with the squid and the whale?

KW: (slight pause as KW wonders how much of the film JW had to sleep through to miss that) Uhm, it's a metaphor for the parents' relationship.

JW: Well I know that.

So if anyone has been to the Natural History Museum and knows the honest-to-goodness story of the squid and the whale, let us know!

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Adam said...

I loved this film too