Monday, August 01, 2005

"So I got this modeling job"

I just finished my last meal with my parents before they headed back to the Natural State, and because we hadn't had any Mexican food yet, I suggested Alegria in Silver Lake. Being so close to Tex(-Mex)as, the mere idea of fish tacos kinda shocked Mom and Dad, so it seemed like a good fit. Sitting next to us at a table was a family who had brought one of their daughter's friends out to dinner -- perhaps the start of some slumber party or something -- and this girl, no more than 8-years-old, started a conversation with "so I got this modeling job...."

She goes on and on..."there's this one director who really wants me to work on his movie, and a producer saw me in the play I'm doing, and he really wants me to be in his movie, and James Franco's doing it too, so that would be really cool."

I could barely stifle laughter. The girl was missing baby teeth and she sounded like she should've been sipping a cocktail in some club on the Strip I'd be able to namedrop if I'd read Defamer in the last three-to-four days instead of playing tour-guide for my parents. Eight years old! The whole conversation could've been lifted from the cutting room floor of Annie Hall. It would've fit right into the Hollywood sequence.

The best part was the parents, who were listening intently, nodding, involved...the dad finally says to her, "Sounds like this play's really working out well for you." I wonder if he slips her a manuscript over end-of-slumber-party pancakes tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

kyle. why have you forsaken me? i need to know if we like elf power.

frank's wild lunch said...

I'm not sure; I get them confused with Cat Power, whom I think we think is interesting, but can't really get too excited about.... The Shout Out Louds are fun, though. I'll be back tomorrow, dear....